5+ Little Phrases to Use Every Day

You know that the right words at the right time can give employee morale a much-needed boost while the wrong words leave morale in the dust. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to know which words are the right ones. Being an on-the-job encourager is easy; here are some guidelines that can be followed on a daily basis to boost morale and position you as an encouraging co-worker.

1. How Can I Help You?
Let your employees and co-workers know that you are willing and available to help when they find themselves faced with an overwhelming workday. Lending a hand doesn’t mean holding an employee’s hand through and entire project. But, to the employee, it means that you’re not ignoring his situation and, instead, notice what he faces on a daily basis.

2. Let’s All Pitch In
Cooperation and team effort make most jobs easier and more efficient. Fostering the sense of teamwork and working alongside your employees in a difficult situation can help bring focus and a sense of clarity to employees. Pitching in demonstrates that you recognize the challenges they face and makes it clear that you are on their team.

3. You Can Do It
Express confidence in your employees’ abilities to do not only the jobs for which they were hired but also to stretch their wings and try new things. Many times, just this simple encouragement can mean the difference between a co-worker giving up on a challenging task or taking pride in seeing it through to completion. The enthusiastic support of a superior or co-worker can often be the catalyst for innovation and personal growth as well.

4. Tell Me More
These three words are an open invitation to keep talking. It says, “I’m listening,” and demonstrates to your co-workers that you are mentally present when they come to you with a challenge. “Tell me more” doesn’t pass judgment or make an immediate decision for the co-worker. Instead, it encourages her to communicate further and may develop her new solution.

5. Way to Go!
No one wants to pour their heart and soul into a project or task only to have it go unmentioned. Recognizing a job well done ensures that you will have an employee who is willing and ready to tackle the next task that comes his way. These pats on the back are equally valuable when delivered privately to the person involved or publicly in front of peers.

And one more for good measure….

6. Always Remember Your Please-and-thank-yous
Please and thank you are the classics, the “magic words,” we teach our children as soon as they can talk. A “please” transforms a demand into a request for an employee’s valuable help. A heartfelt “thank you” acknowledges that your co-worker’s time and effort are meaningful and appreciated.

Never underestimate the power of words in boosting employee morale and in making your own workday that much more pleasant.

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