Patient Satisfaction Scores are a Symptom, Not a Diagnosis

Posted by Kristin Baird on January 9th, 2020 • No Comments »

With more than two decades working in the patient experience arena, I’m still amazed at how many healthcare leaders are still chasing patient satisfaction scores without looking for the underlying cause.

Let me compare this approach to a common and often debilitating medical condition – diabetes. A person with diabetes will often present with symptoms of thirst and frequent urination. If you are only concerned about the symptoms and not the underlying cause, you’d focus on making sure the patient has a ready supply of water and access to restrooms. This may provide immediate relief of symptoms. But won’t correct the underlying disease which, over time, will lead to neuropathy, heart disease, and kidney failure, among other life-threatening conditions.

When it comes to the patient experience, many tactics provide symptom-relief. But they won’t cure the underlying problem – the culture that is shaping employee engagement and, ultimately, the patient experience.

Baird Group’s Culture Assessment

Baird Group helps you see beyond the symptoms. With a thorough culture assessment, you’ll understand the underlying issues. Issues that are driving your current patient experience and employee engagement levels. Find out how a culture assessment will give you the diagnosis you need.

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