Add the Patient to the Care Team

How are you inviting patient engagement?

Patient engagement is a priority for many organizations. It seems that everywhere I look there is another piece of technology being release along with claims that it increases patient engagement. If you ask me, I think we frequently miss an obvious opportunity to engage patients. We forget to invite them to participate, and be part of the care team.

Think about the common practice of using a whiteboard to identify team members and their roles. What if you added the patient’s picture to the care team with a role description? For example: you list the team members, describe each of their roles and add, Jane Smith (patient) – role – to speak up and participate in decisions, to ask questions and share concerns.  Jane Smith might just see her role very differently. Maybe she’ll feel a bit more empowered. Maybe she’ll feel more welcomed to take an active role. And maybe the caregivers will make a greater effort to partner with the patient.

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