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What Nurse Leaders Know About Leading the Patient Experience by Kristin Baird

What Nurse Leaders Know About Leading the Patient Experience

Nurses are pivotal in the patient experience. After all, it’s nurses who spend the most time with hospitalized patients. Given the nurses’ level of importance, Baird Group sought insights from senior level nurse leaders about how they viewed their role in the patient experience and what advice they would give to other nurse leaders. This white paper, based on in depth interviews, shares nurse leaders’ thoughts, advice, and lessons learned.

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The Power of the First Phone Call: Factors Influencing Patients' Likeliness to Return to a Medical Practice by Kristin Baird

Medical Mystery Shopping Whitepaper

While healthcare organizations are good at measuring patient satisfaction, until now, there has been no research on how phone encounters effect the patient experience. This paper analyses nearly 2,000 calls to medical facilities to learn what factors influence whether a caller would choose to call back for future services. A startling 35% of callers say they are unlikely to call back. This paper analyses why they would or would not return.

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Ethnography and the Patient Experience: How Medical Mystery Shopping Moves Healthcare from Excuses to Action by Kristin Baird

Medical Mystery Shopping Whitepaper

In order to improve your patient experience, you need to know what’s working and what’s not. Although patient satisfaction surveys can tell you how you score on satisfaction, they do little to explain why the patient grades you as he does.

This white paper explores the merits of incorporating mystery shopping into your patient experience improvement plans. It provides case examples of how mystery shopping can be used in inpatient settings with an on-site (but under cover) observer. This method, called ethnography, is highly effective in understanding the patient experience.

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