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Some things never get old. Like leader visibility for instance. In preparing for a webinar for The Beryl Institute scheduled for April 11th, I asked registrants to identify one thing they wish their CEO would do differently. One of the most common answers was; to be more visible. Of course, because rounding is one of the best ways for leaders to be more visible, the two go hand in hand. One way of doing this is through Management by Walking Around (MBWA).

The concept of MBWA has been around for decades. Healthcare leaders have re-labeled it as rounding, but the concepts are the same. Get out of your office and interact with employees, patients and families – but have some clear objectives.

I’m a big proponent of rounding because it sends a strong message to staff that you value them, and the patient experience, enough to make them a priority. But unfortunately, I am still finding that it happens inconsistently at best. If you aren’t rounding, how are you visible and accessible to your employees? If you aren’t rounding, how do you stay connected with patients and families? The excuses for not making regular rounds abound.  Being too busy with meetings tops the list of reasons that managers and senior leaders can’t find the time to round.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle


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