Baird Model for Service Excellence

Creating a culture of service excellence.

Once we have painted a clear picture of your current culture, we help you forge ahead through the business of creating a culture of service excellence. This is accomplished through interactive coaching sessions with Baird consultants. These sessions cover the following:

  • Standards for service excellence: establishing standards and incorporating them into performance appraisals and job descriptions
  • Leadership development: supporting a culture of accountability and performance improvement
  • Grassroots teams: building service teams to increase ownership and lead change initiatives
  • Coaching managers: creating high-performing teams of engaged staff members


The Baird Model.

The Baird Model is a four-phase pathway for sustainable culture improvement. It includes in-depth analysis, tactical planning, and clear actions for success.

  1. Assessment Phase: To build a culture of service excellence, you must first understand the current reality. The assessment includes:
    • Review of satisfaction data
    • Mystery shopping to gain patient and visitor perspectives
    • Focus groups with staff and managers
    • In-depth interviews with key stakeholders
    • Gap analysis
  2. Strategy Phase: This phase lays the foundation for sustainable behavioral and operational change.
    • Articulate service vision
    • Leadership development
    • Create/refine service standards
    • Service team action plan
    • Overall service excellence work plan
  3. Mobilization Phase: This phase drives the behavioral changes needed to create a consistently positive patient experience.
    • Training
    • Workshops
  4. Reinforcement Phase: This phase strengthens the progress made in the previous phases to ensure you continue to raise the bar.

For more information about the Baird Model, view our video roadmap on our YouTube channel:

Patient Experience at Pharmacy

With updated standards of service excellence, leadership training, coaching, and team development, your organization can dramatically improve the patient experience. The Baird Group can help!

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