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We know that no two organizations are alike. Perhaps that's why someone else's formula for improving the patient experience hasn't helped you after months or years of valiant effort. What's the missing link? A clear understanding of your culture and how it shapes the patient experience and your resulting scores. Our years of experience have taught us that even subtle underlying behaviors and attitudes frequently stall progress. We'll help you do a data deep dive so you can address barriers and capitalize on your strengths.

Assessing your organization's culture is the first step toward improving patient experiences. We've designed a comprehensive assessment that examines the organizational culture from numerous angles. We include:

  • Mystery shopping from patient and visitor perspectives
  • Focus groups with staff and managers
  • In-depth interviews with key stakeholders, including physicians and senior leaders
  • Review of your existing satisfaction data, including HCAHPS, employee satisfaction, and physician satisfaction

The deliverable from the assessment is a report that sheds light on your behaviors and attitudes as well as strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities pertaining to your culture and its impact on the patient experience. We make core recommendations and offer advice on critical next steps.


Our clients gain a better knowledge of how their staff, environment, and attitudes affect the perceptions of their customers and receive critical recommendations and next steps for improvement. But that's just the beginning. Patient satisfaction improvements are sustainable. Just read some of our case studies here and here.


Some of our clients who have received our culture assessments include:

  • Scripps Health, San Diego, CA
  • MedStar Health, Baltimore, MD
  • Guthrie Health, Sayre, PA
  • Danville Regional Medical Center, Danville, VA
  • Chandler Regional Medical Center, Chandler, AZ
  • Monroe Clinic, Monroe, WI
Patient Experience at appointments

Knowing how patients currently experience your healthcare facility is the first step in improving the patient experience and increasing your patient satisfaction scores. The Baird Group's comprehensive assessment will give you the data you need!

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