The Baird Approach to Medical Mystery Shopping

Improving the Patient Experience with Medical Mystery Shoppers

Are you struggling with your patient satisfaction scores? Are you having difficulty pinpointing the problem in spite of piles of patient satisfaction survey data? Or maybe you're well on your way to improving the patient experience but want to monitor employees and recognize those who uphold your service excellence standards?

Baird's Mystery Shoppers Provide an Unbiased View

We understand these challenges. Our mystery shopping services can help you gain a greater understanding of your customers' experiences and employee performance. The Baird Model for medical mystery shopping gives you an unbiased look at the patient experience and provides the information you need to ensure that your organization is living your brand promise.

The Baird Group has helped clients succeed in providing a culture of service excellence through our various services. View some of our Mystery Shopping case studies here and here.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Let our shoppers show you what those first impressions really are.

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Medical Mystery Shopping patient at a medical appointment.

With the Baird Group's medical mystery shopping services, you can pinpoint patient-satisfaction problems and help employees meet and exceed your service excellence standards.

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