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Quality through the Eye of the Beholder

Every encounter with your customers should build trust in your organization, yet countless prime opportunities end up eroding patient trust when employees make certain comments or simply don’t engage the patient with the right words and actions at the right times. Knowing how your customers gauge quality and being able to identify specific moments of truth will help you build a loyal following and reap greater personal satisfaction in your work.

This fast-paced, fun session will help you see your organization through your customers’ eyes. You’ll identify critical moments of truth and determine small steps that will help you make great strides toward service excellence.

What will you learn?

  • How to identify opportunities for enhancing the customer experience
  • How to use an experience-mapping exercise to compare patient expectations
  • How to link the customer experience to organizational mission, vision, and values

Skill-building seminar: 2 hours

Reclaiming Your Personal Passion for Nursing

"Reclaiming Your Personal Passion for Nursing" has been adapted from Kristin Baird's best-selling book. This presentation reminds all nurses of the value and deep history of their profession, as well as the challenges and rewards that come along with being a nurse.

What will you learn?

  • The power of nursing
  • How to appreciate every encounter
  • How to connect with patients and create memorable experiences

Skill-building seminar: 1 hour

What You Permit You Promote - Creating Accountability for Service Excellence

Everyone wants a high-performing team, one that consistently delivers a superb, memorable patient experience. But in reality, inconsistent staff behaviors can cause patient satisfaction scores to plummet and patients to run toward your competitors. If you’ve ever been guilty of letting the “little things” slide, you may be permitting a less-than-desirable patient experience. Find out what you can do to consistently enhance the patient experience. Service excellence won’t happen by chance; rather, you must purposefully create it by design. This session will feature information and ideas that you can apply immediately to create a culture of greater accountability for the patient experience.

Learning Objectives:

This session will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • Define the leader’s role in creating a culture of accountability
  • List three simple questions that will guide your service-accountability game plan
  • Establish metrics for measuring service excellence 
Raising the Bar on Service Excellence

Five leadership skills needed to move your organization from good to great....

Have you ever wondered why some organizations seem to master the art and science of great patient satisfaction and employee engagement while others struggle for years without progress? What is it about the successful organization that makes it rise to the top? On the flip side, what are the poor-performing organizations missing?

In this fast-paced, information-packed session, Kristin Baird reveals the five skills mastered by leaders in some of the most service-centered healthcare organizations in the world. She will highlight some of the key points from her recent book, Raising the Bar on Service Excellence: the Health Care Leader's Guide to Putting Passion into Practice. Participants will gain a better understanding of what actions are needed in order to move their leadership practices from good to great. You'll learn to align priorities, take away tips for holding critical conversations, and the secret to hiring for service behaviors.

Skill-building keynote: 75 minutes

Full-day workshop: view objectives here

Coaching for Service Excellence

The link between management and performance improvement....

It takes more than one training session to build service skills. If your service initiative just isn't getting any traction, maybe it's time to look at leadership. Weaving customer service practices into the fabric of an organization requires on-the-spot coaching between supervisors or managers and their team members. Are your managers equipped to deal with performance issues? Do they understand how coaching is linked to service improvement? Are they committed to leading the initiative and making it work?

Skill-building keynote: 75 minutes

C.A.R.E. Model Training and Coaching

The Baird Group has experienced and skilled trainers with separate modules for staff and managers to remind them to C.A.R.E. (Comfort, Access, Restroom, and Environment check-ups on each round):

  • Frontline training using the C.A.R.E. model links service, safety, and quality goals.
  • Nurse leader training on the C.A.R.E. model reinforces hourly rounding through coaching.

Session lengths: 60 minutes for frontline staff in groups of 20, 2 hours for manager session, or Train-the-Trainer sessions available upon request

Building Leadership Skills that Foster Service Behaviors

Leadership skills are the backbone for any cultural change. Baird will get you planning some practical steps for fostering an environment that will help shape positive attitudes among employees and reap the benefits of greater patient satisfaction. Her fast-paced session will leave you with fresh ideas that you can begin to implement today.

Skill-building keynote: 75 minutes


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