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An engaging and motivational healthcare speaker and trainer, Kristin Baird delivers content-rich presentations, seminars, and workshops that inspire and educate nursing, other frontline staff, and leadership development institute (LDI) audiences alike. All presentations are customized for your organization and can be modified to fit your needs as a one-hour program, half-day, or full-day session. Discounts are available when two or more consecutive days are scheduled.

Creating and sustaining a patient-centered culture is an evolution, not a revolution. We've worked with enough healthcare organizations to know that change takes time and it takes consistent reminders, motivation, and tools. That's why we have developed an array of sessions appropriate for your staff and leaders. Each session can be customized for an individual organization or presented at conferences and seminars to make the training stick.

Leadership Development Workshops.

Kristin Baird has developed information-packed sessions specifically for healthcare leaders. As a healthcare veteran herself, Baird understands the challenges leaders face in their day-to-day work. Every session is packed with tools you can use now to transform culture and shape the patient experience.

Coaching for Engagement and Improved Performance

Engagement is crucial to a culture of service excellence and accountability. The Coaching for Engagement and Improved Performance workshop will build participants’ ability to identify key engagement behaviors and coach appropriately to boost employees’ engagement levels and contributions to the organization’s success.

This engaging and hands‐on 4-hour workshop provides participants with a number of proven tools and strategies targeted at building the skills and capabilities required to engage and retain healthcare employees:

  • Identify behaviors associated with each of the four levels of engagement
  • Examine the financial impact of the current level of engagement at the organization
  • Explore coaching objectives needed for employees at each level of engagement
  • Practice coaching conversations
  • Apply an organization’s services standards

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The Power of One — Make Every Encounter Count

A healthcare worker is pivotal in creating a service-centered organization. Not every person who works in a healthcare organization takes care of patients, but everyone has customers. Every healthcare worker is the face of the organization and must represent it in every encounter, with every person, every day. 

What we'll cover:

  • The power each healthcare worker has in shaping the patient experience
  • How to show empathy in words and actions
  • The standards for service excellence
  • How to take ownership

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Physician Shadowing and Coaching

The physician/patient relationship is vital to a positive patient experience. The highest-performing organizations are those where physicians display core skills that consistently engage patients, resulting in positive outcomes. Physician shadowing and coaching is an effective method for standardizing a positive patient experience while also providing physicians with useful individual feedback.

Our approach is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Align shadowing and coaching with core strategy
  • Gain support and buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Identify and learn from internal best practices
  • Be self-sustaining by using a train-the-trainer approach

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The Nurse/Patient Partnership

Nurses are pivotal to the patient experience. As America’s most trusted professional, nurses have a unique role in delivering safe, high quality, and memorable care. The Nurse/Patient Partnership encompasses a comprehensive approach that prepares both staff nurses and nurse leaders for an organized and accountable approach to improving the patient experience.

Objectives for staff nurse sessions are to:

  • Define the desired patient experience and raise empathy for the patient and family
  • Examine how nurses influence the patient experience (and, ultimately, HCAHPS scores)
  • Explore 4 essentials of a positive, memorable patient experience
  • Review GREAT CARE as a tool for systematically managing patient encounters
  • Demonstrate GREAT CARE using role play scenarios
  • Create a personal action plan for success

Objectives for nurse leaders are to:

  • Review the Nurse/Patient Partnership curriculum
  • Examine the nurse leader’s unique role in improving the patient experience
  • Learn a simple, but memorable coaching method to hold staff accountable

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You'll Have Them at "Hello": Phone skills that WOW

Phone communication is often the first part of the patient experience. Over the phone, it takes just seconds for your patients to decide if you are friendly, knowledgeable, concerned, and willing to help. In fact, research shows that after just a 2-minute phone encounter, patients are clear about whether or not they would return to your organization or recommend it. Patients rely on phone encounters to make appointments and seek clinical advice. Other callers rely on phone encounters to gain vital information about a loved one. In both situations, it’s important that you create a positive, trust-building experience. Baird Group's popular medical phone training is now licensed.

What will you learn?

  • How telephone experiences can make or break the first impression and build loyalty
  • The five essentials of a great phone encounter
  • Hiring, training, coaching, and performance appraisals with your frontline phone staff
  • Gold standards to uphold for current and future phone encounters (reflections of company-wide customer service standards)

Who would benefit?

  • Supervisors and managers whose staff connect with patients and family members via phone
  • Frontline staff who answer phones as a significant part of their daily responsibilities

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A+ Service Recovery Skills

When a patient interacts with your organization, you have a unique opportunity to build trust and foster a relationship, but sometimes you or your organization fall short and fail to live up to the patient or family’s expectations. These service failures, when managed well, can help turn the raging mad into raving fans.

This two-hour hands-on session is designed for healthcare employees at all levels. Baird Group uses stories, examples, and practice scenarios to inspire, motivate, and educate participants on how to spot service recovery opportunities and take appropriate action with confidence.

Participants will:

  • Review the importance of service recovery in creating a positive patient experience
  • Explore the four essential elements of service recovery
  • Recognize and practice both, verbal and nonverbal, components of service recovery
  • Practice service recovery behaviors for a variety of common situations* 

*The content can be tailored to your organization using specific service recovery scenarios that attendees can start using immediately.

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Popular Presentations.

View some of her popular presentations here. Don't see a session that fits? Contact us at (920) 563-4684. We'll customize a program that fits with where you are on your service journey.

Regardless of where you are in your journey toward excellence, chances are you will need a little extra motivation to keep your momentum. Let Baird energize your team and give you new tools during an on-site session.


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