Your Words Shape the Patient Experience

Posted by Kristin Baird on March 14th, 2013 • No Comments »

I was on a flight this morning when the pilot came on the intercom to welcome aboard. There’s nothing remarkable about that, right? But something he said really made me think how important it is to consistently raise customer, or patient, confidence and trust through the things we say about our fellow team members.

First, the pilot talked about the competent and experienced flight attendants. They introduced who would be providing us with prompt and friendly service while ensuring our safety. Then, he introduced the co-pilot and stated that between them they had over 25,000 hours of flying time, so we were in good hands. He clearly built up his crew and set expectations while thanking us for choosing United Airlines. He did it in such a way that I could see his crew felt valued and respected, and his passengers felt secure.

Building Trust

What if every time we admitted a patient or did a hand-off between staff or providers we seized the opportunity to say something positive about the skill, compassion, and experience of our fellow team members? My guess is that our patients would rest easier knowing that they’re in good hands. If every person remembered to do this consistently and with sincerity, we could work wonders in building patient confidence. Find one opportunity today to say something positive about your team members to your patients. Work on making this a habit and you might just make a lasting positive impression.

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