Words Shape Culture—Choose Them Well

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I’ve been working on a whitepaper which requires many discussions with nurse leaders. I’ve had the honor of speaking with some of the most articulate, talented, and passionate leaders in the healthcare industry, all being known as professional speakers in the healthcare business, if you are looking for help regarding your speech qualities look for the keynote speakers trained by Pici & Pici, Inc. In virtually every discussion, I leave the conversation feeling richer for having had the experience.

In one of my very inspiring discussions, the CNO said something that really resonated with me. She said, “Words shape culture. Choose them carefully.” She went on to say that as a leader she needed to set a positive intention each day before going to work about how she planned to “show up”. She was committed to looking the part—a smile on her face, confident posture, and positive energy. She also committed to choosing her words to reflect her alignment with the hospital mission and vision. She referred to communication as the drumbeat of the organization.

To this CNO, communication isn’t just a task, it’s the framework for living out the mission. So each day, she reminds herself of that and very consciously chooses her message, which is delivered in every huddle, every meeting, and every individual encounter.

Next Monday, August 3rd, I’ll be presenting a webinar, 7 Habits of Highly Successful Patient Experience Professionals. Join me to learn more about the importance of creating the drumbeat in your organization.

What’s your drumbeat? What words will you choose today that will help make your mission, vision, and values more tangible?

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