Words Reinforce Behaviors

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Nearly every day since I’ve started the PXP Advisor© coaching sessions, I’ve needed to remind fellow PXPs that there are useful tricks (skills) to reinforce the service excellence standards on a daily basis. Probably the one that is most frequently missed is the need for leaders to use the words of the standards in day-to-day coaching, huddles, and recognition.

I find that most of the Patient Experience Professionals (PXPs) are fluent in the service excellence standards. But can they say the same for the managers? After all, these are the people who have the greatest influence on employee behavior. Help managers to understand that it is important to use the words in general conversation with employees. One quick reminder is all it takes to help make the standards more real and give your staff affirmation that you are observing for the ideal behaviors.

In one coaching conversation last week, a PXP gave me several examples of how she accomplishes reinforcement of standards in her conversations. That’s great, but in order to engrain the behaviors, the messages need to be reinforced. One exercise that will help managers become more comfortable is to provide them with examples of complaints, survey comments, or letters of praise. Ask them to identify which standard was met, exceeded, or breeched in the example. Then ask them to practice giving feedback to staff using the standards.

Words shape cultures. They also make your standards more real. Find out more about how to reinforce the behaviors you want to see in the PXP Advisor©.

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