Why Service Recovery Training isn’t Enough

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Service recovery is an essential component of a comprehensive patient experience approach. Try as we might, there is no organization that doesn’t fall short at some point, and when that happens, you have to be ready to resolve the problem.

Many organizations have created the “coupon approach,” which essentially centers their service recovery efforts around giving the dissatisfied individual a gift as a token of apology. This can be a nice gesture but doesn’t get at the behaviors needed to act on behalf of the organization.

Other organizations do a good job of focusing on behaviors. They offer training which is absolutely essential in creating a culture of service excellence. Training, in many cases, emphasizes how to handle dissatisfied customers—what to say and do in order to turn the situation around. This is great, but is only as effective as the system in place. And this is where many organizations fail. They don’t have a system.

Without a service recovery system, organizations have some or all pieces of the puzzle floating around without snapping them together. After consulting on this for years, I’ve developed a three pronged approach that puts the pieces together in a logical fashion. Those elements include: adopt a proactive position, monitor and resolve issues, and lastly, learn and improve.

When all three pieces are in place, leaders set the expectations while creating processes and systems for success. They know how to lead for service recovery, front line staff know how to handle situations with finesse, and the organization as a whole, knows how to collect and analyze data to make meaningful and sustainable improvements.

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