Who would you clone?

Posted by Kristin Baird on April 15th, 2013 • No Comments »

Healthcare is filled with service stars who quietly go about their work without fanfare or fuss and yet have a profound effect on patients, providers, and co-workers. When we do culture assessments, one of the things we do during focus groups and in-depth interviews is to ask participants to identify service stars within the organization. Who would they clone if they could? The people listed often become the core group used to develop standards for excellence. Why? Because it’s the closest thing to cloning the behaviors we admire in others.

Just last week when I was doing a site visit at one of our client hospitals I encountered someone who made an immediate impression on me as a stellar performer. I happened to ask her for directions and not only did she escort me to my destination she used the walk time to tell me how long she’d been with the hospital and how much she loved working there. She had no idea what I was doing in the hospital, but I’d be willing to bet she treats everyone with that same level of service excellence. Needless to say, hers was one of the names mentioned by focus group participants as someone they’d clone. Is there someone you’d love to clone for their great service behaviors? If so, please let them know you admire their service skills. Even stars need a little reinforcement.

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