Who are Your Customers?

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Who are your customers? That’s a question I ask during many of my leadership development and staff training sessions. Not everyone who works in healthcare has direct patient contact, but they do have customers. Sounds obvious right? Knowing this and acting on it are two very different things. If the leaders in the organization aren’t stressing the need for internal customer service, they are missing the opportunity to foster a truly service-centered culture.

Although this sounds obvious, I find that organizations that don’t consciously foster this mindset inadvertently set up silos; departments represented in patient satisfaction surveys and those that are not. What happens is that when there is discussion about patient satisfaction scores, the departments not directly represented tune out.

Create a Service-Centered Culture

To create a service-centered culture, it’s vital that every single person in the organization be able to list his or her key customers, their needs, and the plan for meeting and exceeding those needs. To start, ask the question “What can we do for you to make your care the best it can be.” It may not be the end solution, but it is a place to start. For more specific insights, subscribe to the Baird Group Blog.

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