What You Push Against Lifts You Up

Posted by Kristin Baird on January 31st, 2011 • No Comments »

Flying home after a vacation, I was listening to a short video about the airline and it’s fleet of jets. In the video, the narrator talked about how a pilot must face the wind during takeoff. He said, “What you push against lifts you up.” I thought about that short statement in context of service improvement. It reminded me of the multitude of crusaders who push for better patient care every day.

In my work, I have the honor of seeing the dedicated men and women whose vision drives them to challenge the status quo, to break down barriers, and who will never settle for less than excellence. These service champions push against seemingly insurmountable barriers and yet continue in their quest, knowing that their work makes a difference. The service champions I’m talking about often don’t have customer service in their titles, but rather it is woven into the fabric of their being.  They seek new and better ways of doing things and will always ask, “Why?”.

If you are one of the people I just described, take heart. A law of physics tells us that what you push against will lift you up.

The year 2011 is still in its infancy. And like other years, this one will be fraught with challenges, but I encourage you to keep pushing for a better experience for your patients. Your efforts will lift you and the patients you serve.

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