Watch for Olympic Moments

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It’s no secret that positive reinforcement helps build the best behaviors. And it’s also no secret that having clear goals and metrics are necessary for keeping everyone aligned and moving in the right direction. Having the goals and posting results is important but don’t miss out on the little Olympic moments right under your nose.

Years ago I rolled out the customer service standards and conducted house-wide training in my organization, stressing the importance of consistency in service efforts. One of the employees in the training session raised his hand and shared a story that reminded me how important it is to give immediate reinforcement. He told how he was assisting a patient in the parking lot and when he looked up, he saw that I was watching and gave him a “thumbs up.” He said, “I know it was just a little thing, but it made me feel really good that you noticed me and what I was doing.”

Many leaders miss the boat in the day-to-day opportunities to give a quick shout out or pat on the back for the little things. Remember, it’s the baby steps that become the huge strides. Be on the lookout for opportunities to reinforce the good that you see around you. Get out of your office, walk around and take time to notice the good. These are the little Olympic moments that build a winning team. When your staff knows that you’re watching and acknowledging their efforts you’ll reap a great return on your investment of time

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