Want a Great Patient Experience? Don’t Go It Alone!

Posted by Kristin Baird on April 2nd, 2015 • No Comments »

As the patient experience continues to gain momentum in the industry, many of us in this segment of healthcare seek timely information and creative solutions to common challenges. The Beryl Institute’s annual meeting delivers on both fronts along with incredible networking opportunities.  I have attended this patient experience conference since its inception and always leave feeling rejuvenated and armed with great information. This year’s lineup of speakers and networking opportunities promises to deliver, yet again.

Many of my readers have asked to schedule some one on one time with me during the event. For this reason I have reserved some 30 minute time slots where you can pick my brain, share your successes, or just chat about the world of the patient experience. I’d love to hear about your journey. If you would like to meet, you can reserve time here.

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