Values Drive a Consistent Patient Experience

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Delivering a great patient experience (or any customer experience for that matter) doesn’t happen by chance; it happens by choice. The choice to do things differently or better happens dozens of times each day for people working in healthcare. The opportunities for new choices can happen in the elevator, the cafeteria, the parking lot or at the bedside. It’s a matter of deciding that you will be more customer-focused and by spotting, and seizing, the opportunities to engage.

In our Power of One training, we ask participants to identify some of the most common touch points they have with their customers on a daily basis. They are then challenged to create “Power Moves” that will improve those “every day” customer experiences. I watch their ideas percolate as they create personal action plans.

I love seeing the energy and enthusiasm as people think about how they can make better connections with customers. But I also know that if the leaders haven’t set the stage based on values and ownership, all the individual Power Moves will likely fizzle out over time. On the other hand, if the leaders have cultivated a values-driven environment, the training provides tools for living the values during every encounter with every customer every day.

Does everyone in your organization know your corporate values? Or are they just a list of words buried somewhere along with the mission and vision? Bring your values to life. Tie them to everything you do from the strategic plan to the morning huddle.

When people are connected to the values, they can connect their actions to a higher purpose. Each person holds the power to lift the organization to new heights.

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