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If you want customer service training to stick, you’ve got to commit to more than a 20-minute class offered once every five years. While this seems to be common sense, it’s not the most commonly accepted practice in multiple medical settings. Why? Because training can be costly and inconvenient. It’s hard to balance training time with staffing needed for uninterrupted patient care. I get that. But I also know that one-and-done training will not change the culture or sustain improvements in scores.

I was recently working with a PXP who told me that training was among her organization’s top priorities. Yet when I spoke with the Medical Director, he requested that we pare the training down to 20 minutes max! That may be a fine approach if the 20-minute stint was simply a reinforcement of the coaching that happens between the manager and staff in real time on a daily basis. But that is not the case. They were relying on training to demonstrate the standards and train on key behaviors.

Effective training must be done in a manner that helps learners retain the information. With high retention, you have a much greater chance to sustain your efforts over time. A learning culture is one where training is only one facet of the formula for success. The other facets include coaching, feedback and recognition by the manager who is observing staff.

When it comes to training, try to adopt a mentality that training is just the initial exposure to content. The real learning happens on the job with manager feedback.

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