The Royal Treatment

Posted by Kristin Baird on July 26th, 2013 • 1 Comment »

All the media attention on the arrival of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s new baby has me thinking: What if all patients were treated like royalty when they arrive at the hospital? What might we have to do differently? Well, I have to say that, at times, I have felt like I’ve been given royal treatment in my care, but it hasn’t been because of any grandiose gestures; rather, it’s been the little things that let me know my caregivers are listening and care enough to provide a personal touch.

One example was when I was hospitalized for a scheduled surgery, and the head of Dietary stopped in to ask my husband if I had any special comfort foods. Thinking back to stories of my childhood and what mom had given me when I felt ill, my husband shared a few suggestions. For anyone else, orange sherbet and ginger ale might be nothing special, but when they showed up in my room, it was like having my mom right there.

Another personal example is when a radiology tech provided me with warm blankets every half hour while I endured a lengthy test. I hadn’t told her I was cold, but she sensed I needed it and just delivered those toasty bits of heaven when I needed them most.

Royal treatment doesn’t have to be any magnificent gestures. It’s the small things that show you care.

What’s one thing you can do to give your patients the royal treatment?

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  1. David Morf says:

    It’s not for nothing that it’s sometimes called the laying on of hands. Yes, that specific phrase is from another practicum, but it’s applicable here too. Excellent examples, especially as they can echo in situation-specific ways through all levels of care from prevention to walk-in to primary to specialist to hospital to discharge and follow-up. Thanks for bringing into focus the care in healthcare.

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