The One Thing to Improve the Patient Experience

Posted by Kristin Baird on July 9th, 2015 • No Comments »

You can’t do it all to improve the patient experience. And you certainly can’t do it all alone. So with all the demands, tasks, and distractions around us, what is one thing that will make a difference today?

There’s no magic bullet to improve the patient experience, but the one thing that can make a difference in a matter of seconds is simply being fully present. Being fully present is one of the most important things we can give our patients and each other. When we are fully present we send the message that the other person is important. We demonstrate respect and take an important step in building trust. At the same time, it builds a personal sense of belonging and meaning.

It sounds like such a simple suggestion but with the constant bombardment of calls, emails, call lights, and texts, it’s hard to stay focused. Try bringing a higher level of consciousness to your work today. Start by simply listening better and observing more. When you walk down the halls, take the time to look people in the eye, greet them, and smile. But really see them. When you interact with patients, put the human encounter before the task at hand. Just a few seconds sends a strong message that you are connected.

When you are fully present, you have a richer experience too. Remember, we are human beings serving human beings. It takes just a few seconds to reconnect.

What if every person in your organization arrived at work, each day committed to doing this one thing better? I’d be willing to bet you’d notice a palpable difference.

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