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If you work full time, you probably spend more time with your co-workers than you do with your family. So isn’t it a good idea to figure out how to work well together?

About a month ago I asked each of my team members to take a personality test that evaluated them on their communication styles, what motivates them and even their personality under stress. After completing the assessment, we met to review the results as a group. Although most of us had a pretty good idea of our personalities, we each had some interesting discoveries, especially when it came to how those personality traits affected our working relationships. In my case, I was a complete opposite of several of my teammates. Not only was I a polar opposite, but the assessment outlined for me exactly how the other personality types interpret me and I them.

We had all done personality tests in the past, but this one gave us the best insight into how to work better together. We used the data to “speed date” with the people with whom we interact the most. Sitting down together to review our profiles side by side opened a wonderful dialogue about our different styles, how we interpret one another, and what we can do to work better together. There was no right or wrong; just understanding.

One of the best insights I gained was how my pace impacts others. Just because I’m moving at 100 miles an hour doesn’t mean the rest of the team is comfortable there. I learned that I need to allow others more time to process and formulate their thoughts. That may sound obvious but it came up over and over in our speed dating discussions.

We each learned so much about ourselves and how to work with our fellow teammates doing this exercise. Not only has it made us more effective in our interactions, it has built engagement.

We spend the bulk of our waking hours together. We all enjoy it more when we understand one another.

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