Scripting Can Shape Good Communication Habits

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Scripting is a widely accepted practice in healthcare. Whether or not you believe in the merits of scripting, there is something to be said for forming good communication habits. It starts (hopefully) in childhood with good manners. Parents teach children to say please, thank you, and you’re welcome. The manners scripts become lifelong habits.

There’s nothing like a four-year-old to set you straight if you deviate from the manners script. Yesterday my husband reminded our four-year-old granddaughter to say please when she asked for more juice. She did so, then immediately pointed out when my husband slipped up.  “Papa, when I say thank you, you need to say, ‘You’re welcome.’”  She knew the script and was holding him to his part.

Consistent Habits

Whether you practice rigid scripting or leave some latitude for individuality, it’s important to create consistent habits. Without good habits, we leave the patient experience to chance. A good brand experience – one that will build loyalty, requires consistency. Every encounter, with every customer, every day.

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