Rounding Gives Leaders a Bang for the Buck

Posted by Kristin Baird on September 2nd, 2014 • No Comments »

One of the things I really enjoy about my work is being able to coach leaders. I love to see them have breakthroughs and become stronger and more confident leaders. But it’s not uncommon for me to have to point out the downfall of over-engineering leadership processes. Many times, the leader wants to create complex processes and systems for communication and accountability. The truth is that the basics will never fail them in their efforts to be good leaders.

During our leadership workshops, I like to ask participants to identify characteristics of great leaders they have known. Strong communication skills with an emphasis on listening is frequently cited as a trait associated with great leadership. Clarity of purpose and accountability are common responses as well.

Just as a good sports coach makes sure the players have a solid foundation in the basics before moving on to more advanced skills, unit managers and executives need their foundation as well. For healthcare leaders, rounding is one of those basics. It’s important for every leader to foster accountability through visibility and communication that includes listening and imparting key information. This can be accomplished through regular rounds conducted with a clear purpose. When it comes to training leaders on where they will get the biggest “bang for the buck,” nothing beats rounding with on-the-spot coaching. It fosters credibility and accountability through visibility and provides ample opportunity to listen and impart information directly to your team members. If you are a leader and want to make sustainable improvements in your team, start by committing to rounding. It’ll build your credibility through visibility and accountability.

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