Do you Really Foster a Patient-centered Culture?

Posted by Kristin Baird on April 7th, 2016 • No Comments »

There is so much talk about patient-centeredness and patient experience these days. When we do our culture assessments, I’m often left wondering exactly who in the organization is patient-centered. Is it just the nursing staff that is expected to be patient-centered or is it everyone? If it’s everyone, then is everyone confident and competent in doing their part? What is expected of them? Who’s holding everyone accountable? Or is the term patient-centered really just lip service?

One of the best ways to foster a culture where everyone owns the patient experience is to create the “No Pass Zone” in your hospital. That way, you send a clear message that everyone is expected to act on behalf of the patient. Yet many organizations haven’t been successful at making the “No Pass Zone” concept stick.

On April 26th, I’ll be hosting a webinar, Enter the No Pass Zone, where I’ll be reviewing the essentials for this valuable strategy. I’ll have a guest speaker, Patrick Baker, CNO West Chester Hospital, who will provide a case example of how he successfully launched and maintains the No Pass Zone today.

Join us to learn how to implement a No Pass Zone and foster a patient-centered culture here.

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