The Power of One in Creating a Great Patient Experience

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Who is on the care team in your organization? If your answer focuses on nurses, you’re not alone – most people answer nurses first because they are the ones who interact with patients the most and have a huge impact on the patient experience. But there’s more, which is why we promote the Power of One.

If you want to create a culture where everyone sees themselves as part of the care team and acts accordingly, you’ll need to expand your vision beyond nurses. If you do, great things will happen and you’ll have the scores to prove it.


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting “Amelia” during an employee focus group. She talked about what an honor it is for her to care for patients and how she tries to do at least one extra act of kindness each time she interacts with patients and families. She told me that she had been offered a promotion in her organization, but she turned it down because she didn’t want a job that took her away from the bedside. Amelia is a housekeeper. Her passion and commitment to the patient makes a huge difference every day. That’s the power of one!  She recognizes that her job description focuses on cleaning the room properly, but she also knows that her presence in the room gives her the opportunity to demonstrate acts of kindness and compassion. That makes her an important part of the care team.

Amelia could limit her focus to cleaning, but she does so much more. She talks with the patients, gets to know their family members and sometimes prays with them. Her rooms are clean and at the same time she puts some sparkle into the engagement.

Each organization is full of “Amelias.” It’s just a matter of harnessing that power. There’s a way to do just that and we’ve got the tools to help you bring out the power of one.

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