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Whenever a person comes in contact with your organization, they have an experience. If you were to take that experience and break it down, it can be divided into 3 buckets: people, processes and place. For years, we’ve used those three buckets to simplify training and report our mystery shopping findings. We find that it helps simplify not only the information but the recommendations.

Here’s a short breakdown on the 3 P’s. The encounters with people are always evident. It’s the attention, communication, and respect that shape the experience within 8 seconds. The “place” or physical environment (including equipment and furnishings) is a visible and impactful part of the experience and encompasses the 5 senses. The third bucket is processes. While patients can’t see or photograph a process, they definitely see the results of your processes. How efficient is the throughput? Are the wait times explained? How many times do they have to repeat information? All of those are results of processes that can thrill or irritate your customers. To summarize how people, process, and place shape the patient experience we created this infographic. We welcome you to share this infographic as a means of summarizing the patient experience. Pass it on.

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