Is your patient experience plan like herding cats?

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In just four weeks we will be entering the final quarter of 2017 which makes it a great time to take stock of your patient experience results to date.

Assuming you have a patient experience improvement plan, you’ll want to evaluate what you’ve achieved and what gaps still remain.

In our consulting work we see the entire continuum of patient experience plans. In some cases the “plan” is a fingers-crossed approach with hope as the core strategy. On the other end of the continuum we find plans heavily laden with tactics upon tactics without a foundation of employee engagement. In both cases, the plans are fraught with problems. One is too loose and the other is too much. Somewhere in between is the sweet spot.

Take Stock

Here are just a few questions to help you evaluate your progress year-to-date:

  • How are you measuring results? While patient satisfaction scores are a great way to measure end results, are there other indicators you can evaluate?
  • How have you engaged key stakeholders? If you are trying to do it all alone, you’re in trouble. Just because you have the title and job description doesn’t mean you should do it all. You must be an influencer, coach and leader in order to achieve results.
  • What communication methods are you using to connect the work to the mission, vision and values? Without that connection, tactics are tasks – another thing to do.
  • What methods are you using to engage the senior leadership team? Have you articulated what you need from them?

Now is the time to take a critical look at how you are progressing toward your goals. You may need to hit the “reset” button before more time elapses.  Need help? We can assist you in setting and achieving your patient experience goals.

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