Ownership – the Core of a Great Patient Experience

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A fully engaged employee is a beautiful thing. And when I see a remarkable example, I like to share the stories because it’s such a great reminder that each and every individual holds the power to create the ideal patient experience, not with grand gestures or lifesaving measures but rather through little things that evoke trust and confidence. I met a great example of service excellence and ownership recently during a trip to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Fl.

Mr. Tucker is the Jackson Memorial Hospital van driver and has worked with the organization for over 20 years. Talk about a connection to purpose! Mr. Tucker understands that he is not “just a driver,” he is a part of the continuum of care. He understands that patients undergoing complex, often long term treatments can become fatigued and overwhelmed with the travel back and forth for frequent appointments and makes a special effort to lighten their load. He is truly an ambassador who takes pride and ownership in his work. He treats his job and all his encounters like a new experience every day. In the short rides between the hotel and the hospital each day during my visit, Mr. Tucker talked about why he loves his job and how serving patients and families has enriched his life. He spoke so passionately about serving transplant patients or their families during the numerous visits their care required that I was moved to tears on more than one occasion.

Meeting Mr. Tucker, I knew I had just met a remarkable human being. The pride, the positive attitude and the energy he puts into his work every day is a great example of someone who is connected to purpose. I’m blessed to have met him on my journey.

Look around you for the “Mr. Tuckers” in your own organization. Appreciate what makes them special then take the time to say thanks.

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