Nurses are so much more than the job!

Posted by Kristin Baird on May 10th, 2013 • No Comments »

It’s National Nurses Week and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to brag up my people. I feel so blessed to be part of the nursing community, particularly at this time in history as healthcare transforms to meet greater demands for prevention, maintenance, and cost control. Nurses are not only vital to the healthcare industry, they are crucial to the communities in which they live. I’m not just talking about how nurses perform in their paid positions; it’s how they contribute to the wellbeing of family friends and neighbors while off the job. Ask anyone to name their “go-to” person for health advice, and, chances are, many will name a nurse they know and trust. Even in the age of online information, many consumers rely on nurses to help them navigate the healthcare system, search out answers, and advocate for themselves.

There’s a good reason why nurses have remained the most trusted profession, according to Gallup polls, for 12 years running. On the job or off, there’s probably a nurse in your life who has made a difference. Reach out and say thanks for all nurses do!

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