Is Your Mission a Plaque or a Pledge?

Posted by Kristin Baird on December 1st, 2016 • No Comments »

In my keynotes and workshops I often talk about moments of truth as; the moment your patients decide if you are what you say you are. These moments occur multiple times in the course of every patient contact with your organization, and can range from vital discussions with physicians to wayfinding, registering and everything in between.

Using the definition above, what you say you are boils down to your mission, vision, values, ad promises and even taglines.

I’ve been in countless situations where the mission, vision and values statements have been prominently placed on the wall, yet my experience was nothing like the proclamations in print. One of my favorites was an organization that ran an ad campaign touting, “We treat you like family.” And yet patients were herded through like cattle. And when patients registered for lab work, they were met with a sign that read, “Take a number.” Not exactly what they promised.

Another organization had beautiful posters with their mission, vision and value statements for all to see. They promised patient-centered care. Inspiring as it was to read, our experience was nothing like the promise. We were met by staff who didn’t make eye contact, pointed for directions and were downright rude.

If you want to get everyone on board in delivering a consistently positive patient experience, it’s important to connect back to the “why” behind it. The “why” should be a direct connection to the mission, vision and values. Stress to all staff that this (mission, vision, and values) is who we are and what we stand for, and they are the face of that promise.

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