Are You Listening or Waiting Your Turn?

Posted by Kristin Baird on October 4th, 2018 • No Comments »

People often forget that listening is as, if not more, important than talking when it comes to effective communication.

Generous Listening

Generous listening means that you are focused on what the other person is saying and not simply waiting your turn to talk. Waiting your turn to talk places your focus, not on the other person’s words, but on how you will make your point. And don’t kid yourself; your patients and co-workers know when you are not paying attention.

Baird Group mystery shoppers place thousands of phone calls to clinics and hospitals every year. They are quick to recognize the signs that they are not being listened to.  They are often interrupted mid-sentence or transferred before they finish asking their question.

Patients know when they aren’t being listened to, and it diminishes trust quickly. Practice generous listening skills and strive to consciously engage. Your patients will notice and it will build trust.

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