How are you keeping values front and center?

Posted by Kristin Baird on December 14th, 2017 • No Comments »

One of my biggest pet peeves is receiving lousy customer service from any organization that brags up a commitment to their values. When a company boldly posts their values for all to see, they had better be ready to stand up and deliver.

Not long ago I was taking a family member for a medical appointment. During our four hour encounter, we experienced rude staff and inconvenient maneuvering. There were long waits and unnecessary repetition of history from one service to the next. During one of our long waits, my irritation mounting, I noticed a large poster in a beautiful frame hanging in the waiting room. The poster was their value statement including respect, compassion, and efficiency. Seeing the poster actually increased my irritation because it made the service shortcomings even more obvious and inexcusable.

More Then a Poster

Living your values takes much more than a poster with a promise. Leaders owe it to their staffs and customers to keep the values alive. Keep them visible during every encounter with every customer, every day. Talk about them. Define the behaviors that support the values and hold everyone to that standard. Without that level of commitment, the poster just becomes a list of broken promises.

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