It’s July. Where’s your 2013 service excellence work plan?

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Having a plan is an essential element of any successful operation. Yet, it’s not uncommon for me to enter engagements with hospitals or systems that don’t have a formalized work plan. They wonder why they aren’t making progress. Keeping your goals front and center is a start, but it isn’t a plan. One element of our Baird Model is to help organizations learn how to put together a viable journey and continually work through it. A clear path with specific responsibilities is the backbone of progress. It’s easy for a service team to lose steam if they jump from one “project” to another rather than having a focus on both the long- and short-term goals.

The Danger of Not Having a Plan

One of the dangers of not creating a clear plan is that it may prevent you from securing necessary resources. I see this all the time where the organization’s service champion complains that he/she hasn’t been given resources to make the initiative viable. If you can present a clear vision, you are much more likely to get the ear and eye of the financial decision-makers. Are you short on resources? Maybe it’s because you haven’t laid the foundation.

If you haven’t created a service excellence work plan, this is a good time to make one. Likewise, if you have one, it’s a good time to re-visit it. Make sure you are on track for achieving your 2013 goals.

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