Hope is not a strategy, communication helps

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I’ve given two presentations so far this week where I’ve asked the audience to reflect on what they would like patients to say about their experience with their organizations. In each case they describe that they want to hear remarks about getting prompt, caring attention, timely information and empathy. Yet, when I ask if they have a specific plan in place to deliver on those things, they say no. Hope is not a strategy my friends. Communication helps.

Many of these organizations are enduring rapid change through acquisitions and mergers. Their cultures are changing and staff as well as providers are feeling insecure. It’s important that leaders take a proactive role in crafting a communication plan and service strategy that will be the bridge between the past, present and the future. Help your team to understand that the one thing that will not change is that every day, your doors are going to open to people who need your very best. They are hurting, scared and vulnerable. Your patients need each and every person to deliver their very best.

What I find, though, is that many managers are so overwhelmed they don’t have the time or energy to craft and deliver these key messages. Well-timed communication makes the difference between a thriving, engaged workforce and one that is paralyzed by change.

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