Hello… Is Anyone Listening?

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A first impression happens fast. In about four seconds, to be exact. That’s how much time it takes for a caller to shape an opinion of your medical practice. How few organizations quality check phones surprises me.

Our firm is often called upon to do mystery shopping calls for medical practices, hospital switchboards, and call centers. Some of the things that we hear range from annoying to downright rude. The thing that surprises me most, is the fact that very few medical practice mangers actually listen in on calls.

Phone Skills

We teach phone skills for hospitals and medical practices. Front line attendees learn important skills for managing calls courteously and efficiently even when faced with difficult callers. Likewise a segment designed for managers is the most rewarding part of the training sessions. In this segment, managers learn techniques for monitoring quality of phone encounters.

A phone call precedes nearly every appointment. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense a monitoring system is in place? If not your leaving the first impression of your organization to chance.

Mystery shopping provides ongoing data collection. Information is collected on how well calls are managed from the customers’ perspective. Likewise, manager observation is invaluable for quality improvement. Make sure to have a process in place. If you need support in setting this up, call us.

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