Have You Committed to the Patient Experience?

Posted by Kristin Baird on March 19th, 2013 • No Comments »

At first glance, you might respond, “Of course I have.” But what is that level of commitment really? Have you put your promise into words? Have you shared it with others?

I recently co-presented at the ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership in Chicago with Adrienne Kirby, President and CEO of Cooper University Hospital, on “Engaging Leaders in the Patient Experience.” Under Kirby’s leadership, everyone in her organization is expected to craft a pledge that articulates how he or she is committed to creating a better patient experience. For leaders, this often means pledging to hold others accountable and being a good role model. It starts at the top but must be inclusive of every person at every level of the organization. This is such an important element in engaging the heart and connecting to purpose. If you just hand out the standards and say “Follow these,” you are missing the chance to let each individual articulate the promise.

Does every person in the organization really believe that he or she is vital to the patient experience? Help them see how they matter and then ask them to pledge to always deliver their best. The results are palpable.

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