Good is the Enemy of Great

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Good is the enemy of great. It’s true. Good is earning a four out of five, or an eight out of ten. But is that where you want to be? Probably not. Especially when you’re hovering so close. I see this over and over again among patient experience champions trying to improve HCAHPS scores. The final shift is often the hardest, too.

  • It happens after months or years of hard work
  • It happens by never giving up
  • It happens when you focus

Hard work and perseverance are crucial in achieving anything worthwhile, but sometimes you can’t see some of the opportunities, or may be overlooking key strengths that will push you to the next level.

Having a professional coach has made the difference for top performers, ranging from athletes to pop stars and dynamic speakers. But in order to make the final leap, you must be willing to admit that you want help. For patient experience leaders, this is hard. Many are too embarrassed to ask for a coach. After all, they say, “That’s what they hired me for.”

All of us can get further faster with the help of a professional coach. And that includes patient experience professionals. Find out more about how Baird Group’s PXP Advisor will help you make the next big leap from good to great.

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