Give Your Patients a Gift this Holiday Season

Posted by Kristin Baird on December 18th, 2014 • No Comments »

This is the time of year when parties and other festivities abound. It’s great to have holiday traditions in your department or organization, but don’t forget the patient in the process. What they see, hear, and experience is no less important during these 2 weeks as it is during the other 50.

I’ve been a patient in healthcare facilities during the holidays, and although I enjoyed the atmosphere, I must admit that there were times when I wondered if the staff was more focused on the festivities than they were on me, the patient.

Make sure that the staff party and banter stays in the break room or out of the patient care areas. It may be the holidays, but your patients are tired, scared, worried, and in pain. Their focus is on themselves and their own needs so they need reassurance that you are focused on THEM and not your own holiday plans.

Giving your patients your full attention is always a gift that keeps on giving.

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