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Posted by Kristin Baird on April 10th, 2014 • 1 Comment »

Everybody needs refueling; especially people who live with passion and purpose. Even though some seemingly super humans may appear to run like the Eveready Bunny, they too need to find ways to get re-energized. For me, that re-energizing comes from finding my people – others who share a passion for improving the patient experience. I found that this week by attending the Beryl Institute’s Patient Experience Conference in Chicago. The ideas and the content represented some of the best in the industry, but it was the energy and enthusiasm people found from coming together that made it a life and career-enhancing event.

It’s been said that finding community is as crucial to us humans as food, shelter and water. That need to belong is, after all, what makes us human. And for three days, over 700 of us came together to learn, to grow and to rejuvenate in our work in the patient experience. The energy was palpable! Sure, we can find our patient experience community in online groups like my Patient Experience Champions group on LinkedIn, but it’s not the same as coming together for shared learning where we can look one another in the eye and have meaningful conversation. After all, healthcare is comprised of human beings serving human beings.

My personal journey with the patient experience started almost 3 decades ago, and I must say that at times I felt like a lone crusader. Today, the patient experience movement has grown to include a multitude of disciplines across the globe. There are so many people committed to improving the patient experience and who are ready to share the learning. I met dozens of them over the past few days. And I think we were all re-fueling.

Improving the patient experience is important work, and all of us need to protect and nourish our energy if we are to continue the journey. What (or who) inspires you to keep going? Find your community. Join the discussion. But by all means, don’t stop.

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  1. Kristin, I couldn’t agree more! The week of the Beryl Conference Institute Conference is my favorite week of the year. There is a bond that is like none other when all of these passionate like minded people come together! It flies by always leaving me wanting more!

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