Flying Solo Doesn’t Work

Posted by Kristin Baird on January 28th, 2016 • No Comments »

About a week ago I was talking with a newly-minted Patient Experience Professional (PXP). She is enthusiastic and determined, but I must say, I anticipate she’ll be running ragged for the next 12 months until she (or her boss) figures out that she cannot do it alone. When I asked how she was measuring results she said, “I’m really busy, so that must mean we’re making progress.” Oh no! Doing lots of things and checking off tasks does not equate to real progress. She hadn’t done an audit, didn’t have a team comprised of key stakeholders and had no clearly defined action plan. The prognosis isn’t good if she keeps moving in the current direction.

One of the biggest deterrents to improving the patient experience is the lone PXP who thinks he or she must do it alone. I hear this all the time, “That’s what they hired me for.” A PXP can accomplish very little without engaging others in the journey. There are stakeholders throughout the organization that, when tapped, will advance the journey further and faster.

If you are the PXP, do yourself a favor and figure out who your stakeholders and supporters are, then get them engaged on a team with a comprehensive, targeted plan. Without it, you’ll be wasting precious time.

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