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One thing I love about my work (and there are many things to love) is the opportunity to meet and mingle with others who are as passionate about improving the patient experience as I am. When I look at my travel schedule this week, it appeared draining, but, in reality, it was a rejuvenating experience. That’s because I met and mingled with people tgat are in the trenches, doing great things. That always helps me re-connect to purpose at the same time.

I started the week working with a team of nurses, case managers, physicians, and other disciplines on improving their system for completing follow-up phone calls. It is clear that they are driven by what is best for the patient and the patient’s family. Their commitment and willingness to work together for a common goal is inspiring and reminds me that there are thousands of teams working around the country to make life better for their patients. The second half of my week reinforced this feeling.

Alignment to Values

I’m honored to have been the closing keynote speaker for Inova Health System’s quarterly leadership Institute. Yesterday, I spent most of the day listening to their leaders tell stories and give awards for amazing accomplishments. The energy in the room and the spirit of service was infectious. What was evident to me was the alignment of their core values with their strategies and resulting actions. Front-line staff in the trenches spearheaded some of the award-winning accomplishments. Middle managers and senior leaders initiated other achievements. A common message that fuels their actions bound all the accomplishments together. When I experience this level of alignment, I get the overwhelming sense that I’m at home. I’m with “my people.” That’s because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt we are all fueled by the same desire to shape a better experience for patients and for those who are serving the patients.

It’s important for all of us to find like-minded people on our journeys toward better healthcare. It reminds us that, although there is much work to be done, we’re not alone. Look around your organizations for “your people.” Find them and unite under a common vision for excellence. It will help lift you when the road seems long. I’m blessed to find my people in pockets from coast to coast.

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