Engage the Heart First—Patient Satisfaction Will Follow

Posted by Kristin Baird on September 1st, 2015 • 1 Comment »

Everywhere I look, it seems like patient experience professionals are scrambling to implement best practice tactics. Why? To improve patient satisfaction scores. Many of these tactics have proven to be successful in improving the patient experience, but the truth is, you’ll get further faster if you can engage the heart first.

Engaging the employees’ hearts first will help them empathize and connect their role to the good of the whole and the individual patient. But instead of engaging hearts, we deliver charts, graphs, dashboards, and statistics.

I’m not saying that the data isn’t important. It is. It is the ‘vital signs’ of the organization’s patient experience. It provides a pulse check on what you and your team did a few weeks ago. But it doesn’t create a visceral or “gut” reaction that will engage people’s hearts. Unfortunately, not every leader is good at engaging the heart through storytelling and discussion. It’s easier to show a graph or chart.

Start with a conversation. Ask your team, “What do you want your customers to say about their experience with you?” Then ask, “How can you make that happen?” They have the answers. They often just need to connect the dots—and the heart.

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  1. Doug Della Pietra says:

    Great blog Kris! Fantastic questions to help focus on heart! Thank you!!

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