Don’t Wait for the Data—Ask about the Experience Now

Posted by Kristin Baird on June 9th, 2015 • 1 Comment »

Patient satisfaction data is important for measuring how your customers are rating you, but it’s not the best way to keep a pulse on the experience in real time. People have become so dependent on the data that they forget about real time measures like rounding and talking to patients, families, and employees. By asking about the experience and observing how staff interacts with customers, you’re in a much better position to make necessary changing that will improve satisfaction before the patient leaves the premises. Plus, it provides coaching and recognition opportunities.

I was recently talking to a group of employees and asked them about accountability for customer service. They were quick to tell me that their manager is present, observant, and reliable with feedback. There was a clear air of confidence that they knew what was expected of them.

Creating a culture of excellence takes persistence. Don’t wait for the data reports to tell you what’s going on in your department. Go out and see for yourself.

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One Response to “Don’t Wait for the Data—Ask about the Experience Now”

  1. Sandy Cooprider, RN, coordinator for PX says:

    In our organization, the departments with the best scores are the ones whose leaders round on patients. You are right, Kristin. When they talk to patients they can reinforce positive interactions and do service recovery in real time. If they wait for data, they have missed many opportunities!

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