Dear Millennial, Honey Pie Wants More Respect

Posted by Kristin Baird on February 24th, 2015 • No Comments »

It could be that I’m old or maybe just old fashioned, but when a 20-something person waits on me and refers to me a Hon, Honey, and today’s version—Honey Pie; I want to scream. When did the millennials get a free pass to use terms of endearment instead of ma’am, sir, or my title or name?

It so happens that today’s offense was delivered by a waitress who, in every other way, was superb. She was attentive, prompt and could multi-task like a pro. I was actually thinking she has what it takes to be in a 5-star setting. Then she dropped the Honey Pie bomb and her professionalism plummeted. I’ve had this discussion with several 20-somethings (uninvited of course) and they feel strongly that these terms are fine. They are not. They are too familiar particularly when addressing a more mature person.  And certainly not in a healthcare setting where everything should paint the picture of professionalism that evokes trust.

Don’t know what to say? How about, “How may I help you?” or “That would be my pleasure.” If you work in healthcare, make sure that you address your patients, residents, and families with the respect they deserve. This “Honey Pie” expects it, and I’ll be willing to bet that I’m not the minority.

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