Dear Leaders, Threatening is Not a Strategy

Posted by Kristin Baird on October 5th, 2015 • No Comments »

It’s important for leaders to set the vision, establish goals, and ensure that their team has the resources that they need to be successful. Holding people accountable is also an essential role of a competent leader, but must be preceded by the first three.

When it comes to improving the patient experience, I am finding that many leaders try to jump to the accountability piece without the vision, goals, or resources. When they do, it comes across as a threat. “Bring up the scores or else,” is what the team hears. And frankly, when it’s HCAHPS we’re talking about, it’s the nurses who feel the most heat. When they are being pressured about the scores without direction, they’ll often feel deflated. The same is true for the Patient Experience Manager or Director (PXP).

The PXP is often charged with one thing – Get the scores up. The truth is, they are often new to the role because it hasn’t existed before. They need the senior leaders to help them: set a clear vision for the culture of the future, set realistic goals, and provide support and resources.

“Authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without an edge. Better to bruise than polish.” This quote, by Anne Bradstreet, summarizes what many PXPs are feeling. The leader’s authority without support is bruising the culture. What resources does your PXP need to be successful? Stop threatening and find at least one thing you can do to support your PXP in their role.

Provide your PXP with resources to set the vision, create a roadmap, and generate buy-in needed for success with Baird Group’s PXP Advisor course.

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