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This week I delivered a webinar based on hundreds of responses I received from patient experience professionals (PXP) across the U.S. and beyond. The topic was, What Every CEO Needs to Know About Leading the Patient Experience, and based on the hundreds of attendees, I can only assume the topic struck a chord with healthcare leaders.

In the webinar, I shared the goals and frustrations of both the PXPs and the C-suite. The good news is that I’m seeing a lot of passion for improving the patient experience. The not-so-good news is that a chasm still exists in many organizations between the two groups. The main cause of the chasm is a lack of communication with one another.

CEOs are anxious to see results in the form of CAHPS scores; especially if they have hired a PXP to shepherd the journey. PXPs want improvement in scores too, but cannot do the work without adequate resources and strong, visible support from the C-Suite. On top of that, many PXPs don’t know how to ask for what they need.

Having heard these tales of woe for years, my colleagues and I at Baird Group have created tools to help PXPs and CEOs come together to form clear, mutual goals and an action plan for results. We have found that in virtually every case, the two want the same outcome, but don’t necessarily share a common vision and roadmap for getting there. This is where an objective third party coach can help. The PXP Advisor provides the coaching and strategy development needed to leverage existing resources and bring stakeholders together.

Improving the patient experience requires clarity. Let our PXP Advisors help you achieve your goals.

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