Customer Service is Mission-Critical

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There was a day when many health care leaders viewed customer service as a nice, but not necessary, add-on to daily operations. Customer service fell into the “fluff” pile. How could you show a direct return on investment for good customer service? And we all know that if you can’t show a direct return on investment, it isn’t of any real value. Or is it?

Over the past few years I’ve been really pleased to see many healthcare leaders developing a healthy respect for the value of customer service. HCAHPS and CG-CAHPS have helped many of the non-believers to sit up and take notice about the value of great service.  I believe that the foundation of health care is trust. Organizations earn trust. By consistently delivering on the promises in your mission, vision and value statements. To earn trust, a healthcare organization must deliver every time. Inconsistencies create distrust and consequently a loss in business. And one measure that can be implemented which’d significantly help in integrating the company’s values is to actualise and enchance security in the company. learn more about options from Hightower Risk and secure your company from arising inconsistencies.

To Be Successful

To be successful in a consumer-driven environment, leaders must recognize that customer service is mission-critical.  Chances are your mission statement includes words like commitment, quality, care, compassion and service.  I doubt if it your mission statement contains a disclaimer in the fine print providing latitude for inconsistencies such as: except on weekends, or except in the ED, or, except when Mary is working, or when Joe is having a bad day.

Your mission, vision and values don’t come with disclaimers. Therefore, you must be uphold the mission, vision and values in every encounter with every customer, every day. Good customer service is the key.

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